Something BIG is Coming from TDS®!

Get ready for better Internet, TV, and phone

TDS is bringing cutting-edge technology to your area that’s going to change the way you work, play, and do pretty much everything. Welcome to TDS Fiber!

We are gearing up to bring a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network that’s capable of delivering blazing-fast Internet speeds up to 8Gbps (for homes) and 10Gbps (for businesses), advanced TV service, and crystal-clear phone. That means you’ll be able to take full advantage of today’s technologies, while equipping your home or business to handle what's to come.

Prepare to experience amazing technology. Get ready … TDS Fiber is coming. Click the button to sign up for updates about the progress being made in your area.

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For more than 50 years, TDS has provided reliable Internet, TV, and phone services to customers across the nation.

In multiple communities TDS has brought fiber-optic technology, revolutionizing the services available. In these areas, residents enjoy:

  • The fastest Internet—up to 8Gbps speed
  • Advanced IPTV technology—TDS TV®+
  • Crystal clear phone service

While businesses take advantage of:

  • Ultra-fast, reliable fiber-based Internet—up to 10Gbps speed
  • Cost-saving Star Business Bundles combining fast Internet and business phone lines
  • A fully integrated voice and data solution (VoIP)—managedIP Hosted

Now TDS wants to bring its expertise and technology to your community!


Will TDS guarantee I will be able to have service for my home or business?

No, although we expect that most of your area will have access to services, until the first phase of our construction is complete, we will not know the exact addresses to which we will be able to provide service. Please sign up to be notified when TDS products and services are available in your area, and at that time we will be able to provide you more specific information about availability for your home and/or business.

Will I have more options for Internet, TV, and phone?

Yes. Residential customers will be able to get Internet up to 8Gbps, TDS TV, and phone service. Businesses will have access to fast, reliable Internet with speeds up to 10Gbps, TDS TV for business, and business phone solutions designed to increase productivity and save money.

What makes TDS Fiber better than cable or satellite?

Everything. Unlike today's copper wire or coaxial cable systems, fiber optics uses light beams to carry the massive amounts of information needed to power the latest Internet and entertainment services. A thread of fiber-optic cable only slightly thicker than a human hair can carry all the phone, Internet, and video services that people want today. More importantly, they will be in place to provide the services people in your area will want in the future.

Can I order TDS products and services now?

At this time, no. But, you can sign up to be notified when TDS products and services are available.

Where else does TDS provide service?

TDS provides services across the country, from islands off Maine to the floor of the Grand Canyon and just about every state in between! In fact, TDS serves nearly 900 rural, suburban, and metropolitan communities. As the seventh largest local exchange telephone company in the U.S, TDS provides 1.2 million connections to high-speed internet, phone, and TV entertainment services.

How do I get updates on this project?

Stay tuned to this website. Or, you can choose to receive email updates.

TDS Fiber Services

Check out our video to see how your household or business can benefit from cutting-edge TDS Fiber services.