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We're TDS. We build connections.

At TDS, helping customers stay connected to the people and things that matter most isn't just a catchphrase. It's a way of life.

In the 1970s, our innovations in the telephone industry gave our customers levels of access and service they'd never known before. In the early 2000s, we started building internet to rural communities. Today, we're investing millions of dollars right here to build a state-of-the-art, all-fiber internet network, so we can grow and thrive together. We're TDS, and we want to be your provider for a lifetime.

Enthusiastic about having somebody else that could offer better bandwidth and faster speeds.”

Katy; Billings, Mont.

TDS Fiber Internet is Better Internet

In a world that runs on the Internet, a growing community like yours shouldn't have to settle for yesterday's technology. All-fiber internet is simply the best possible delivery method for digital data. It's highly resistant to hacking. It's weatherproof. Futureproof. And further proof our state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure can help raise the bar on what technology can do in this community.

TDS Fiber Internet

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Drives commerce

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Feeds tech-hungry households

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Scales to fit tomorrow's needs

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Supports today's hybrid workforce

We're Committed to Doing it Right

We hope you'll enjoy the small-town values and commitment TDS will bring. We're big enough to build better internet, but small enough to keep our feet firmly, and locally, on the ground. TDS brings great job opportunities in sales, marketing, technology installation, and more. We support local businesses, donate to local causes, and volunteer in the community. Being a force for good is something we, from our CEO to our newest employees, take seriously.

“I appreciate our local TDS staff very much! They are always very helpful, professional, and easy to work with!

TMS; Inola, Okla.

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High-Speed Internet: Availability varies and speeds shown may not be available at all service addresses. Certain speeds are only offered in areas served by TDS Fiber. Speed ranges shown are expressed as "up to" to represent network capabilities between customer location and the TDS network. Most customers can expect to receive a stable speed within he range of the product purchased as allowed by the quality and capability of the connection; however, actual speeds experienced by customers vary and are not guaranteed. Some customers may receive lower than the indicated speed range. Speeds vary due to various factors, including but not limited to: distance from switching locations, network equipment, delivery technology, and external/internal network conditions. Speed tests may produce inconsistent results due to various factors, including the speed test program or website used, the number of devices connected to the customer's modem, and whether the speed test is conducted over Wi-Fi. Customers that are not receiving the indicated speeds may cancel their service or downgrade to a lower-speed service without any termination or switching charges. Otherwise, a $15 service charge may apply to existing customers who switch plans without increasing speed or adding qualifying service. In order to maximize internet speeds above 100Mbps, a compatible network interface card is required. Services and offer(s) not available in all areas. Price may vary by serving area. Offers, products, packages, and pricing are subject to change without notice. After promotional period, normal rates apply. If any part of the bundle is terminated, discounts are void. Some services require equipment and normal fees may apply. TDS equipment must be returned upon disconnection or unreturned equipment charges may apply. Equipment handling fees may apply. Services subject to TDS Terms of Service at tdstelecom.com/tos, TDS Privacy Policy at tdstelecom.com/privacy, and TDS Acceptable Use Policy at tdstelecom.com/use.

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