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Your New Choice for Internet, TV & Phone

TDS® is bringing the future of fiber Internet, TV, and phone service to neighborhoods across the country.

TDS Fiber Internet Will Revolutionize How You Work and Play

More Internet Speed.

With speeds up to 1Gbps, you can work faster and play harder than with other Internet technologies.

More Bandwidth.

Enjoy a seamless online experience—even during peak usage times.

More Reliability.

It’s virtually immune to electrical interference, inclement weather, and service outages.

More Future-Proof.

Get more enjoyment from the technologies of today, and be ready for the bandwidth-busting technologies of tomorrow.

Better Business Services.

Tools to help you thrive in today’s fast-paced business world.

Learn more about Fiber Internet for your home and business.

TDS Fiber Internet

With cutting-edge fiber-optic technology, you’ll get the most out of your Internet, TV, and phone services today, while readying your home and business for the technologies of tomorrow. Watch the video to find out how you can benefit from TDS Fiber services.

There’s a Lot to Like About TDS

Find out more about TDS and what sets us apart from the competition.

Learn more about TDS

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