Fiber Internet
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Where Will Fiber Internet Take You?

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More Internet Speed

With upload and download speeds up to 8 Gig available in most areas, you can work faster and play harder than with other internet technologies.

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More Bandwidth

Enjoy a seamless online experience - connect any way you want, as much as you want, even during peak usage times.

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More Reliability

Fiber is virtually immune to service loss due to electrical interference or inclement weather.

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More Future-Proof

Get more enjoyment from the technologies of today and be ready for the bandwidth-busting technologies of tomorrow.

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Better Business Services

We give you tools to help you thrive in today's fast-paced business world.

Have Questions About Fiber Internet? We Have Answers!

Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions about fiber internet service.

Fiber internet is an advanced broadband connection that utilizes thin strands of glass or plastic, known as optical fibers, to transmit data at unparalleled speeds and with increased reliability. Unlike traditional copper cables, fiber-optic technology relies on pulses of light to carry data, resulting in superior performance and reliability.

Several factors make fiber internet much faster than a digital subscriber line (DSL) or cable. Learn more about the speed of fiber internet here.

Unlike traditional copper wire connections, fiber-optic cables offer faster speeds, greater bandwidth, and are less susceptible to interference. Learn more about fiber-optic internet connections here.

Yes. Fiber internet can be used for Wi-Fi, just like other types of internet connections. The fiber internet connection typically extends to a device called a modem or optical network terminal (ONT), which may also have a built-in router. The router is responsible for creating a Wi-Fi network that allows multiple devices within your home or business to wirelessly connect to the internet.

Using Wi-Fi with fiber internet provides the convenience of connecting multiple devices without the need for physical cables. It allows for greater flexibility in device placement and is especially beneficial for mobile devices and those in locations where running Ethernet cables may not be practical.

Yes. Fiber internet can provide multi-gigabit data transfer speeds that are significantly faster than those delivered by traditional internet connections like DSL or cable. This means quicker downloads, smoother streaming, and much faster uploads.

Learn More About TDS Fiber Internet for Your Home and Business

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